Hugo Marinho

I'm a developer from Portugal who started toying with graphic tools and small scale programming early on, then naturally evolving into a passion for web development.

Currently I'm finishing my studies at Universidade do Minho. There I met a crazy bunch with whom I helped create Group Buddies, a web development company.

I'm an avid practitioner of Taekwondo and whenever I'm by the countryside, I roam the dirt roads on my faithful mountain bike.

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Skype and Pulseaudio Woes

March 13th 2013

The computer over at my parents' is a Pentium 4 and it sports a Soundblaster AWE32 as well as an on-board chip. Suffice to say, the computer was slow as hell running on Windows XP. It had been infected with malware, so I decided to go the extra mile and get rid of windows altogether and install Ubuntu 12.04

pulseaudio soundblaster skype ubuntu

Real Time Clock on the Raspberry Pi

November 7th 2012

The Raspberry Pi is an amazing device with an amazing price tag. But that also means some compromises have to be made. And one of the most notorious is the lack of a real time clock module.
Should you turn off the device, the next time you boot, the time will be all wrong. The regular way to maintain system time on the pi is via ntp, connecting to a server on the internet and syncing from there. Of course this assumes the device has access to an internet connection everytime it reboots…

raspberrypi rtc tutorial

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